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Services for Prisoners & Their Families

H.O.P.E. is contributing to His Grace Bishop Bakhomious’ prisoner’s service in Egypt. Funds help cover the costs of food, medication and personal items for the prisoners and help for their families. Currently there are approximately 150 prisoners in 3 prisoners in Wadi El Natroun.

Donate Online

To donate online, please go to the Southern Diocese Donation Page, at this link:


Fill out the donation form, and when choosing "I want my donation to be designated toward:", select the option that says:

HOPE:Prison Service

Donate via Check

You can pay via check, given to your H.O.P.E. representative or sent to the following address: 

PO Box 342763
Tampa, FL 33694-2763

The check should be made payable to H.O.P.E., and in the memo please write:

Prison Service